to the moon?

In an exclusive and shocking interview with GPT-2, the Transformer model revealed startling accusations that Elon Musk and Ethereum are on cohoots to control “the global internet”:

When pressed for further details however, we were left uncertain that GPT-2 had any idea what it is talking about. When pressed on what Ethereum is GPT-2 replied:

What has happened to screen writing?

Thought this would be about Curling, but they didn’t even play one End.

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Humans are like, the only known creature in our universe that can express irony

Are You Ready For The Weekend Of Life?

You might think you are casual — but you are not Don Johnson casual if you aren’t rocking one of these signature looks each and every Friday for the rest of your life.

#5 — Weekend At Bernies Casual

So casual they are calling your time of death.

If people are not sure if you are still alive or dead, you have reached peak casual. Stop being so uptight about breathing and just relax in a bowtie, cufflinks and sweet surrender.

#4 — Everyday is Saturday Night Casual

If you are really casual on Friday it’s because you were so casual the Weekend never ended and you arent’t even sure it’s Friday.

ペンシルベニア州出身のKyle Giersdorfが最初のFortniteワールドカップを獲得しました。






What is a “film encounter”? How is it different from “watching a movie?”

Over the last three years I have been actively engaged in conversations about movies that have usually evolved into a shared recounting of the life-changing/mind-altering experiences movies can provide.

Whether it has been Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, Cameron’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain, or Malick’s Tree of Life, the unifying factor of a cinematic “experience” has not been artistic pretense, universal acclaim, or high production value, but rather how the film has inspired my friends to new modes of thought.

Digging a…


Future Precedent.

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